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How To Send MMS Messages On IPhone

How To Send MMS Messages On iPhone

For those who have the Apple iPhone, it is probably quickly becoming your number one used electronic device, and why not? With such amazing features as internet access, music storage and the simplistic interface design, this product is literally taking the place of three major personal electronic devices. However, no matter what you use your iPhone for, it is still a cell phone, and with your cell phone there are incomparable things that you expect it to do. One of the primary reasons why so many people flocked towards the iPhone is because it promised to make text messaging extremely simple and convenient. And after using the iPhone for any length of tour, it is easy to recognize that text messaging with this cell phone is extremely easy and quick.

However, if you are used to being able to picture to your friends and business partners down text and multimedia messages, or MMS, you may find yourself being extremely disappointed with the iPhone. The reason for this is because throughout all of the major improvements and superior features of the iPhone, it still lacks one manageable feature. This feature is the ability to send MMS text messages, such as video and picture messaging. When many users first discovered the lack of this feature, sharp was an din because so many people rely on this means of discovery to keep their contacts up - to - date on their current activities.

Even though the iPhone is an amazing lassie of electronic equipment, not having the capabilities for sending MMS text messages is a major turn - off for so multifarious potential customers and current ones as well. However, what if you were to find out that there was a plan to gratify around this road block, and still send pictures of that funny looking dog to all your friends? Even though you can't send a MMS text message, there is a journey to still send pictures to your friend's cell phones, without the agent of text messaging. Incomparably cell phones that have been made within recent years now appear with e - mail capabilities, whether the users know this or not. It is by the means of e - mail that you are now able to send MMS messages to all of your friends.

It is extremely easy to do this with your iPhone, and requires correct little time on your part. What you will work is " e - mail " the photos to your recipient; however, the person you are " e - mailing " doesn't have to have e - mail support on their phone in order to receive your message. The only requirement is your recipient must be able to receive MMS messages. What you will do is find the photo you want to send on your iPhone and tap the send photo link, which is located on the blank left reinforcement side of your iPhone.

To send the MMS message, you will include the recipient's phone number along with their carrier's e - mail prefix. An example of this would be 3145556847@tmomail. net for a T - mobile telephone number. This does require that you know who your recipient's carrier is, however, unitary you have to do is ask your friend who their cell phone carrier is. After you have done this, you will be able to send the MMS message to them, and they will receive it like a MMS text message.

Below are the Email Prefixes for the major cell phone carriers: Verizon, vzpix. com; AT&T / Cingular, mms. att. com; T - Mobile, tmomail. net; Sprint / Nextel, messaging. sprintpcs. com; Virgin Mobile, vmobl. net; Amp'd Mobile, vzwpix. com; Alltel, message. alltel. com


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