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The Art Of Double Tapping Your IPhone Screen

The Art of Double Tapping Your iPhone Screen

If you have owned your iPhone for more than a week, than you have probably mastered full of the various applications and features within this phone, however, did you know there are several tricks that can actually enhance your iPhone action? These tricks are cipher more than utilizing what is already been built - into the iPhone. Of journey, the main reason why many people don't understand these tricks is seeing they have not taken the time to learn the secrets of their phone.

However, this is very common, because when you have a product like the iPhone, there are since many blatant features that searching for the hidden ones can seem monotonous and even unnecessary. Yet, if you want to experience all that you are iPhone can do for you, than you must take some time to uncover these hidden tricks.

When you have an iPhone, you probably have noticed that you really never have to double - tap a single ingredient. It seems that everything on this interface reacts with a simple one - ordain motion. However, there are three necessary interfaces that do react to double - tapping differently than if you were to only tap the screen once. The first of these functions can be used when you are using your iPhone to chronometer videos.

You have probably noticed that when you are watching a movie on your iPhone, the screen is showing a letterbox image. This is when expert are two black lines under and above the picture, thus giving you a wider view. Actually, this is how the director sees the film, and how it was originally shot. Yet, there are some individuals who cannot stand to have letterbox on while they are watching a film.

This is where the double - tapping characteristic comes fame handy. When you are watching a movie, simply double tap the screen, and you will annihilate the letterbox view, and entrust then be able to enjoy a full screen version. However, there are some downfalls to using this feature. If the movie you are watching has any type of subtitles, than you will quickly find that watching it in full screen mode may cut - off the vocalization.

If you want to undo the full screen mode, undivided you have to do is simply double tap the screen and it will be restored to letterbox formatting. This is one of the greatest features on the iPhone; however, it is also exclusive of the lesser talked about. The iPhone is so amazing because it gives you choices on how you want to express entertained. Opposed other devices that use a standardized method to showing you videos, you are given a choice on how you want to view your movies. This is a great feature.

The double - fix upon feature is also used on other programs throughout your iPhone. You will find these features in the Photos, Safaris and Google Maps programs. With all of these applications, the double tap feature hereafter means you are going to be zooming into whatever you tapped. Say, you wanted to get a better view of the picture that is on the main page of The New York Times online edition. You would thence double tap the picture, and it would be magnified two - times. Everything that is being magnified on your screen is done by two. The double tap feature is perfect for a wide variety of uses, and if you were unaware of it, grab your iPhone and begin testing it out.


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